Value Added Programmes- MBA

“ A good Manager is an effective leader, an efficient delegate and an understanding person” – Hence to sharpen the managerial skills like integrity, conflict resolution abilities, self motivation, business intelligence and optimistic attitude we offer outstanding academic inputs.

A variety of activities are organized to enhance the overall personality of the budding Entrepreneurs / Managers. We conduct various Group Discussions on technical topics so that students can improve their knowledge on current business trends and can simultaneously develop good reasoning, communication, Leadership and presentation skills.

We conduct result based leadership development programme to polish the traits of Business leaders to enhance the following skills.

  • Problem Solving
  • Team Building
  • Decision Making
  • IT and Business
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Best Practices
  • Sales and Consultative Selling Skills
  • We organize various activities like business games, business quiz, case study workshop, mock interviews, Expert lectures to inculcate best practices of the corporate world.

    Name of the Speaker
    Ms. Betty & Mrs. Poornima Hatti (Freelance trainers) Personal Effectiveness Program
    Mr. Dinesh Boosani,Certified Transactional Analyst, Personality Development
    Mr. Vishwanadham, Industry Expert

    Self Confidence

    Mr. Arun Nair , Industry Expert

    Self Introspection

    Association with Skill Craft Finishing school

    An integrated training program for preparing students for industry requirements is conducted in association with skill craft vocational and finishing school.

    Personal Effectiveness Program

    Ms. Betty & Mrs. Poornima Hatti (Freelance trainers) This session was useful to enrich the communication skills and its importance to the students in the corporate world. The session provided an overview of the essentials for an individual aspiring for a career in the corporate. The session included capsules on – leadership skills, interpersonal and team building skills, lateral thinking to name a few.

    To encourage and inculcate the effectiveness of personality development, Skill Craft Finishing School is conducting an integrated training program for preparing students for industry requirements.

    Mr. Dinesh Boosani, Certified Transactional Analyst, spoke about the Personality enrichment required for any individual by understanding the environment in the present scenerio.

    Mr. Vishwanadham, Industry Expert spoke about the confidence that student should posses and how self confidence can be helpful to achieve the goals. Acquire self confidence and develop the willpower to transform failures into successes through the use of good judgment. Remember that good judgment is an indicator of wisdom.

    Mr. Arun Nair , Industry Expert spoke about Self Introspection He said The expression of thoughts, experiences and knowledge is the essence of language. It is your ability to communicate, the proper use of the appropriate words, that will define you. Remember the power of words, they can influence thoughts, beliefs and thus the mind. Their power can move others to action and thus influence how they define you. The path to defining yourself is complicated and a continual work in progress. By your actions, reactions and interactions you are being defined each and everyday. You must be diligent and present your best at all times. Through the power within your mind, self confidence and unbreakable willpower you define yourself to all. Apply the philosophy of "simple living and high thinking": Be humble and treat all with respect. Strive to broaden your horizons through self introspection and education.

    The above programs in addition to the academic inputs helped students build self confidence, improve their interpersonal skills, and prepare themselves for the industry and also evolve as better individuals.

    Students Achievement / Participation

  • NCFM Certification for an average of 15% of finance students, with most of the students completing at least two courses.
  • Students actively participated in the “National Management Meet CURA” conducted by NIT Warangal in 2010.
  • Won a number of prizes in various national and intercollegiate meets conducted by various colleges .
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