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Established with an aim to impart knowledge that equips and empowers an individual to take charge of the world around him and strive for the betterment of all, PRR Colleges are committed to their proud tradition of contributing to the society. The diversity of our colleges provides an exceptional learning environment in which bonds are formed forever.

With a strong focus on teamwork, class participation and cooperation, students are exposed to microcosm of rapid globalisation. Our pedagogy is a well-balanced mix of lectures, case studies, assignments, simulations, group exercises, seminars, and live projects that enables our students to realize their potential to excel.

Our full-time and visiting faculty members form an eclectic mix in terms of academic expertise and professional experience. They collectively bring in methodological mastery and intellectual rigor into the educational process. All the programmes are also a fantastic social experience. The unique atmosphere on campus makes cross-cultural interaction easier here than in any other social setting in the world.

Considering the needs of global competencies, we nurture the best practices in emerging trends through our outstanding academic programmes. We prepare our student with global mindset to contribute significantly to our corporate world and society. Various Industry-Institute Interface programmes are organized to establish a synergy between corporate vision and academic culture.

P. Srinivasa Reddy

P.R.R Educational Society


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  • Manditory Disclosure For College of Commerce & Management.