Awards & Scholarships

To encourage and acknowledge the performance of students who excelled their top positions in academics P.R.R Education society sponsors the following Gold Medals to our students.


  • Padala Mangamma Memorial Gold Medal
  • Kunduru Mohan Reddy Gold Medal
  • Kunduru Vasundhara Devi Memorial Gold Medal Reddy
  • Dr. V.Nanda Kumar Gold Medal
  • Prof. T. Navaneetha Rao Gold Medal
  • Rao Venkata Surya Rao Bahadur (Maharaja of Pithapuram) Memorial Gold Medal
  • Justice A.Seetaram Reddy Gold Medal
  • P. Suryanarayana Gold Medal

Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships are also offered to commendable students for surpassing scholastic status.
1. Sri Vemireddi Polareddi and Sridevamma Endowment - Meritorius law students are given scholarships.
2. Vankana Satyavathi Memorial Scholarship Fund

Government Scholarships

Apart from the Gold medals and merit scholarships offered by the management, eligible students can also apply for all state government scholarships.


To keep pace with the changing scenario in Technical Education and to meet the expectations of industry we offer outstanding academic programme for skill enrichment of students. Such programme motivates the students to improve their communication skills, reasoning ability, Technical Aptitude and logical thinking.

Free Books

To stimulate the students to familiarize with the best legal practices the following four books are given as complimentary copies to all the students of our college every academic year. The following books are Edited and Published through our Legal Research Centre.

  • English to Telugu Law dictionary (2 Volumes English to Telugu in about 1000 pages).
  • Drafting of Deeds and Documents (2 Volumes in about 1000 pages).
  • Advocates Practice (2 Volumes in about 800 pages). 4) Indian Constitution Telugu edition

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