P. Srinivasa Reddy

P.R.R Educational Society

The need of the hour is awareness of law. Every activity of the society is related to law. A society is prosperous where the citizens have knowledge of law, keeping this aspect in view, the constitution provides for Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties in our constitution.

Remember every citizen’s right is imbibed in other man’s duty.
Legal profession is Nobel profession and Global Profession.

Dr. B. Bramaiah

P.R.R College of Commerce & Management

Dear Aspiring Students

Welcome to the Padala Rama Reddi College website. We realize that you have many choices and that choosing a program and an institute can be an overwhelming experience. On behalf of the College, We want you to know that the College has no objective more important than to assure excellence in our academic programs and the success of our students. The information presented here in the website should help you find a program that will satisfy your particular needs.

Putting in quickly, Padala Rama Reddi Colleges are educational institutions of distinction, combining excellence with innovation realizing the need to face the rapid technical change and globalization in the turbulent environment. PRR College places a high value on providing its students with a fulfilling educational experience in their chosen discipline. It offers a wide range of academic courses to students, giving them a solid academic foundation and enabling them to achieve their individual goals. Extensive applied research ensures that the best and latest developments in industry, commerce and the public sectors are incorporated into our courses.

Thank you for your interest in the School of Education. I wish you all the very best for your future endeavors.

Dr.P.Vijaya Kalyani

PRR Law College

The Educational Institution was started with a view to provide quality legal education to the people of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad. This is the first Private Law College in the Telengana Region which had a great promising start and now it stands as one of the most sought after Law colleges in A.P.The basic aim of the College is to provide complete Legal Education and stands as one of the most eminent Law Colleges with an excellent Faculty. Most of the Faculty Members are into legal research . The College also lays emphasis on providing strong practical skills which are required to become a competent lawyer such as Moot Courts, Seminars etc. We strongly believe that future is promising for our students as we concentrate on developing their complete personality. We are determined to make our students successful in their objectives.

The College has a Research Cell established by none other than the legendary Padala Rama Reddi Garu himself who still inspires us with the same vigour and dedication to carry on legal research and publication. He endeavors to provide good books for students and all other members of the Legal Fraternity. Today we proudly say that most of his books are also referred by Judges from Supreme Court and High Courts. This Research Cell where many Faculty Members also contribute stands as one of the most unique and prominent feature of the college and thus provides to the students with a complete academic atmosphere.

The college also has a great library with a rare collection of good old books and also latest books of known authors and is well appreciated by many eminent academicians. The college does not believe in stopping at its success but continuously strives to achieve excellence in teaching and communicating knowledge to the students both at graduate and post graduate level. We strongly believe that our success lies in the hands of the students and hence we leave no stone unturned in making them most well equipped legal professionals with strong merit to prove themselves in the competitive world. We have a vision to be the best college not only in A P or India but we are striving to be known as one of the best Law college in the world. We also believe that It is the crucial function of legal education to produce lawyers with a social vision and mission in a developing country like India as lawyers are also considered as Social Engineers.We believe that Legal education must prepare professionals equipped to meet the new challenges and dimensions of internationalization and also the current changes taking place in law. We stop at nothing but excellence in providing legal education.

Dr. S. Phani Shekhar

P.R.R College of Commerce & Management

P.R.R College of Commerce and Management was established in the year 1995 with the aim of providing top quality education in the field of Information Technology and Management. The Institute is committed to provide all possible assistance to the students towards quality teaching, facilities, and placements.

As part of our efforts to ensure sustained professional development to students, we have initiated academic development activities through our value added training programmes. We groom our students to fulfill the requirement for global leaders who have the capacity and aptitude to work seamlessly in a global environment.

Our endeavor is to provide an exceptional faculty team which will guide the knowledge seekers through a very comprehensive and enlightening experience. Our innovative teaching methodology is interactive in nature with emphasis towards the holistic development of young entrepreneurs. We empower our students to meet the global challenges of tomorrow by inculcating best practices of current global trends.

In coming years I am confident with support of management and staff we will achieve our goals through our vision and mission and also Padala Rama Reddi colleges will produce techno managers with a difference and act as ' a centre for excellence'.


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