PRR Events & Activites

The goal of our Institute is to create an environment where the best, the brightest, the most creative are retained and most importantly their potential is unleashed. To be competitive in the current recessionary times, one need to identify the potential and the capabilities one has. We provide lot of opportunities to students to showcase their technical and managerial expertise and ingenuity through various events.

Induction Programme

For all the aspirants of MBA and MCA programme every year Induction program is being conducted to groom the overall personality of students and to make them acquainted with P.R.R’s culture. Induction acts as a compass to navigate towards the right direction of Success with 3Dimensional view i.e. Discipline, Determination and Dedication. It is an initiative to taken to enlighten the innovation of every student’s life to frame a success story.

Induction2010 was organized for MBA and MCA students from 6th to 8th October 2010. Eminent veterans from Industries were present and created awareness about the entrepreneurial opportunities and foster the undying spirit of entrepreneurship among the students so that they aspire to become job creators and not job seekers in their pursuit of a career.

Name of the Speaker
Mr. Prasad
Deputy Vice president - AXIS Bank
Careers in Finance/Banking
Mr. Raghuram
Careers in Marketing/Sales/Retail
Mr. Suri Ponnada
Head - Skillcraft
Recruiter's perspective - Campus recruitment
Ms. Paula James
Coach - Skillcraft
Soft skills introduction
Mr. Kalyan
Head Recruitment - Wells Fargo
Careers in Human resources
Mr. Srinivas
Training Head - CA
Soft skills for success
Mr. Sai Srinivas CA
Careers in Information Technology >
Suri Ponnada
Head - Skillcraft
Business leadership and Information Technology

Industrial Visits

Industrial visit is considered as one of the most tactical methods of teaching. Besides providing theoretical perspective, industrial visits present practical orientation to the students. The main reason behind this – it lets students to know things practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Moreover, it gives exposure from academic point of view. PRR Colleges arranges a guided tour for students into the premises of various industries, providing them information about the background of the companies and their current position in the global business scenario.

Annual Day

Along with the comprehensive academic inputs, equal emphasis is attached to the all-round development of the student. At PRR the belief is that hard work should be supplemented with adequate time to enjoy. Annual Day aims at recognizing students’ talent with a passion for success and determination to excel. This event provides a platform to students to exhibit their hidden talents and acquire an exposure to enhance their organizing skills as they were put to test and let loose from academic sessions.

Sports Meet

We strongly believe that the efficiency and effectiveness of individuals in college or at work is directly related to the mental and physical health of an individual. This objective is achieved by encouraging the students to organize and participate in various intra and inter sports meets. Sports have always been a favorite activity at PRR for a team work, competition and relaxation. Every year we organize indoor and outdoor sports activity to rejuvenate the busy minds.

Independence Day

It is the duty of every citizen to pay tribute to their country by celebrating all national festivals. At PRR we inculcate moral values to students and preach patriotism to generate better citizens of tomorrow. Regularly we celebrate Independence Day and Republic Day in our college and pay homage to those freedom fighters who have sacrificed their lives for our country.

Mentoring program

PRR firmly believes in molding the future professional by providing personal guidance in their development. Towards this end, a mentoring program has been institutionalized to counsel them on the key attitudes that they need to focus on to become effective managers and future leaders. The program also covers issues connected with the recruitment and selection process and how the students can confidently face such processes. Under this programme, a group of students is assigned a mentor for counseling and guidance. The group stays with the mentor for up to 1½ years and he/she will act as their friend, philosopher and guide in all matters. Group sessions as well as one on one sessions are included in the program. The program is well as appreciated by the student community for the high degree of personal involvement of the mentor in shaping their future.

Social Activities

We believe that, the responsibility of each and every student to be sensitive towards the environmental problems and socio-economic problems faced by the nation. Business and society can co-exist only if we all believe in the doctrine of sustainable development. Our students are encouraged to actively organize and participate in tree plantation drives, vehicular pollution control and awareness programs, medical support for the needy, etc. These activities form an integral part of the Social Responsibility Initiatives at our Institution.